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Kumari Kanapathipillai, Benjamin’s mum, is more than happy with her son’s results in Biology and Chemistry, in which he received A+ and A in his exams. Benjamin has already finished year 12 Biology at Master Tutoring even though he is only in the 11th grade at school. Benjamin got 49 out of 50 for Biology. Kumari was delighted to say that the level of teaching at Master Tutoring is very high and she would recommend it to anyone who wants their kids to achieve great results at school. Kumari said that she “loves how enthusiastic the lessons are” and that the teachers are honest and “really care about the kids”.
Kumari Kanapathipillai

Another happy parent, Ruchira, who’s son and daughter are attending Biology, Chemistry, English and Maths at Master Tutoring, was also praising the company for providing such great service to the community. Both her children’s results have dramatically improved. Her son, Sandaru, for example, achieved only 54% in his English test in the beginning of this year, but after being taught at Master Tutoring, his mark went up to 84%! Ruchira said that the teachers are “very kind, explain everything very well” and that she would also recommend this company to everyone.
Ruchira Perera

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